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FDA Regulated Device Aids in Breast

      A monthly breast self-examination is one of three important preventive steps of a comprehensive breast screening program, along with regular mammograms and clinical breast exams by a medical professional. Together, these methods offer women the best opportunity to maintain proper breast health.
      The revolutionary breast self-examination pad - or BSE Pad™ - is regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a Class II Medical Device and by Health Canada as a Class I Medical Device. It is composed of two soft, ultra-thin, latex-free polyurethane sheets with a small amount of liquid lubricant sealed inside. The BSE Pad is designed to reduce the friction between the fingers and the breast, enhancing the sense of touch during a self-exam.
      A clinical trial conducted with breast cancer patients revealed that those who used the BSE Pad were able to use the product as effectively as nurses familiar with the proper breast examination technique. A similar study showed that women who used the BSE Pad had higher tactile awareness than with a bare hand or with soapy water.
      Despite the benefits of regularly examining their breasts, many women are afraid, unsure, or simply uncomfortable performing the self-exam. In fact, fewer than one-third of women actually perform self-exams on a regular basis, even though most are aware of the importance of BSE. The BSE Pad can help women feel more confident in their ability to examine their breasts by making it easier and more comfortable for them. This product may be used month after month, and may help women develop a habit of performing regular breast self-examinations.
      Of course breast self-exam - with or without the BSE Pad - is only one part of good breast health care. Any change should be brought to the attention of your health care professional immediately.
      The BSE Pad is available through Unicity International, a multinational preventive health corporation that is associated with some of the most respected pharmaceutical companies, universities, and research facilities here in North America as well as abroad. For those who are interested in finding out more about the BSE Pad,™ additional information is available from Unicity.

      Important Note: The BSE Pad™ is an aid to breast self-examinations. Breast self-examinations are one part of a comprehensive breast screening program. The BSE Pad™ makes no claim to find breast cancer, breast lumps or other breast disease and it should be used in conjunction with regular clinical breast examinations and mammograms as advised by your physician. Women with breast implants or reconstructive surgery should consult their physician before using this product.






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